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Vision, Mission & Objectives

Tanzania is among the poorest nations of the world where more than fifty percent of her population live below the poverty line; and that the main cause of poverty is under development which can be expressed in terms of unemployment, underproduction, high rate of illiteracy, low level of Science and Technology and imbalance in its trade balance caused by among others unmanageable external debt and lopsided international trade practices


  • CONSIDERING the present environment in which we operate, lack of formal forum where we can contribute our expertise ,air our views and exchange our experience:
  • HAVING REGARD to the National advantage to be derived from the effective and continuous co-ordination of activities and exchange of information on our professions:
  • AWARE of the need for a forum for professionals to encourage the carrying out of studies, research and dialogue with other stakeholders on National problems and common interests and concerns to foster closer relationship between them:
  • CONVINCED that the establishment of an Association would best serve these purposes:

Have decided to establish an organ known as TANZANIA PROFESSIONALS NETWORK (TPN) which aims to have a very strong base for building a better future and promoting and facilitating Socio – Economic Development.

OUR VISION To transform Tanzania into a POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE BASED SOCIETY by the Year 2050.

OUR MISSION To stimulate and promote effective use of the POWER OF THE BRAIN among Tanzanians in addressing and solving their various Social, Cultural, Economical; Environmental; Developmental and Psychological Problems.

To identify various existing economic and development opportunities and disseminate business and market information to entrepreneurs, by linking and collaborating with the Government, various Information Centers, Trade centers /markets aiming at capacitating the entrepreneurs to be competitive and adoptive to ever growing business under globalization and market oriented economy.

To Promote and assist rural entrepreneurs establish small scale industries like grain mills and hullers, animal feed mills and mixers, edible l and essential oil processing, food processing as way forward to add value to their respective products e.g. extraction of oilseeds like soy beans, sunflower, groundnuts, paddy, cassava, maize, honey and beeswax harnessing and processing, etc.

To establish, maintain, repair, improve, beautify, and renovate education centers for the benefit of the public by co-coordinating donors and sponsors who will provide funding, equipment and materials and promote the establishment of education corridors and education parks across the country.

To facilitate Women and Youth Social-economic development activities as well as their legal standing.

To promote employment for Women and Young people and Tanzanians as a whole by training and equipping them with different Business and Entrepreneurship skills that make them job creators and strong economically.

To promote the utilization of talents, skills and experience of retired officers and older people and promote and facilitate social -economic development activities.

To alleviate the life of poor communities by working with them in established family and community development projects and educating them in various development aspects.

To promote primary health care and educate advise, counsel and guide people on medical and health matters

To promote and facilitate awareness in environmental matters

To promote the use and simulation of Information and Communication Technology, Science and Technology and Engineering in our Country.

To promote sports, recreation and cultural activities amongst the community.

To improve the quality of life of Tanzanians and their social welfare and to create and provide in a long run, agencies of change towards self-reliant development through efforts.

To facilitate disabled people Social-economic development activities

To establish and advance Youths and Women and Children education by organizing and co-coordinating funds, equipment, instruments, furniture, materials, in country and overseas training, scholarships from various Organizations, governments, individuals and other bodies.

To recognize peoples’ contribution to the society and reward them accordingly.